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Dan Dan, He's our man

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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
4:32 pm

Dan sleeps in my basement!

current mood: DAN!

(hugs for dan lolz)

Friday, December 9th, 2005
9:49 pm

Happy mutha fuckin' birthday, Dan Rodgers! We still love you!

(2 dan fans |hugs for dan lolz)

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
11:38 pm

Dan doesn't think he deserves an LJ community but I think he is wrong. Back me up, people!

(4 dan fans |hugs for dan lolz)

12:39 am

Why do I love Dan? It's simple really; Dan will always provide me with quick "Clerks" quotes.
"Only the biggest pair you've ever seen", Right Dan?

current mood: Dan

(hugs for dan lolz)

Friday, August 26th, 2005
10:32 pm

Me and Dan flying a kite.Collapse )

(hugs for dan lolz)

3:17 pm

i love you dan. i love your hobbit hair. i want to wrap it around my penis and encase it in concrete so we'll never be seperated again! it was tragic how we were torn from each other at birth by the government just because when we combine powers we have the ability to destroy planets and create life anew! NEVER AGAIN WILL THEY DELAY OUR REIGN.


(hugs for dan lolz)

9:25 am

I met Dan in a different lifetime. One full of pain, sorrow, and a hint of fermaldahyde. Dan Rodgers was the reason I lived to see another day and made sure that Lord Mead did not fulfill his plan of world domination by sacrificing a diabetic, such as myself, on the lab table. He fought an epic battle, matching Lord Mead's Ultimate Inferno Attack with his own creation, the Yellow Banana Bomb. Using unbelievable stealth and quickness, Dan snuck up behind Mead, reached around, and stuck the bomb to Mead's forehead with a piece of ducktape. I had never seen such amazing talents but Dan was no normal person. The only way you can describe him is that he is Dan.

Dan has changed my life. He has introduced me to some good music and has given me numerous laughs on the way. I hope that Dan can see how incredibly cool and super he is, as the rest of us do. I love you, Dan!

current mood: luvyoudan

(hugs for dan lolz)

12:47 am

so i totally love dan. you see, his sense of dress is oh-so-cool. and of course, there's the cuteness.

no point, really.

i last saw dan on the 20th of august. his last comment was left on my journal later that day, i believe.

all hail the dan.

(hugs for dan lolz)

Thursday, August 25th, 2005
11:41 pm - Oh that Dan...

I <3 Dan. Why? Because he is Dan. Because he likes the Modest Mouse. Because he's small and curly like Hobbit and Hobbits are sort of designed to be likeable. Unless your weird. I wonder if Dan's feet are hairy like Hobbit feet. We should assault him in his sleep and find out. I enjoy assaulting people in their sleep.

So, Dan was walking ahead of me (like, oh my god! I could have died! DAN! <3<3<3) and I like so totally almost fainted. So I ran up to him and was like all "Oh my god! Dan! Are you Dan? THE Dan?" and he's all like "Dude, yeah, I'm so smooth and cool" and I'm all *swoon<3<3* "Dan I'm like so totally your biggest fan EVAH! You must sign my breast for me" and he did and I'm all like totally fanning myself. Ohmigod. It's like so hard to NOT faint.

Dan is so totally like GOD or something.

Actually last time I saw Dan the weirdo was walking outside. It was dark outside because it was ten o'clock. He was all by himself. You must be pretty brave to walk around Bedford that time of night all by yourself. All kinds of crazies running around. It's dangerous you know. We were both on our way home from working, working same end of town, homes in the same direction. I just caught up with him and we talked a little. Nothing special. We only talked for five minutes.

(hugs for dan lolz)

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